12 Mar

He’s a rock star all over the world. He plays secret gigs all over the world.

A secret gig is then set to happen in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the Latin American leg of the tour.

However, there is nothing secret about it: Brazilian press is there, jet setters are there, celebrities are there, TV channels are there.

Axl then realizes that there’s no fucking secret gig at all and decides not to show up.

The crowd of 200 anxious VIPs are waiting for the rock star to enter the stage.

That obviously does not happen and that’s when it all becomes one big huge gossip in the press.

As heard, models start fighting, drunk people start fighting against the GNR crew,  TV channel staff gets beaten up, lights are turned on and everybody gets kicked off the night club.

Shows are confirmed throughout the country: 13 São Paulo / 14 Rio de Janeiro / 16 Porto Alegre


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